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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For Single Ladies Only: 1 or 2?

I'm sure you have heard the statement "You complete me" or "I want to be half of a whole".  If you are single, my question to you is "Really"?

When God made Adam, Adam was a complete man.  He used Adam's rib to create woman.  Eve was complete and whole by herself.  She was created to be a "help meet" for Adam....for companionship....for support.....for love.  Therefore, saying that you want to be half of a whole means  you want someone who is not complete in Christ or in life.  It also says that you aren't complete either.

My charge to single ladies is to strive to be whole and complete within yourself first.  Desire to meet someone who is also whole and complete.  When two whole and complete persons come together, it is awesome!  It means that each partner has their emotional needs met and will not drain each other by being clingy or needy.  In addition,  two whole people together is just that-- two!  Two halfs put together is one!  Where does the strength lie?  1 or 2?

So, if you are one constantly saying "you complete me" or use the term "better half" stop now!  Work toward wholeness.  Identify areas in your life that need work- physcially, emotionally or spiritually and ask God to make you whole.  Be complete in Christ!  You will be more valuable in any relationship.

Single Ladies:  Do You Lead The Dance?

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