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Friday, August 16, 2013

For Single Ladies Only: Do You Lead the Dance?

I am an avid reader.  I love to read books and have been doing so since I was in grade school.  I just finished a short story, entitled "If It Wasn't For Tony" by Anna Black.  As I read the book, I couldn't help but relate the storyline to what I have been trying to relay to single women on both this blog and my HubPages website.

Jocelyn meets the man of her dreams, Tony, and vows this time she would take it slow, not cling, let him pace the relationship (as I have been trying to teach).  Well before she knew it, she had begged him to move in and reluctantly he did.  Tony loved her, but felt smothered and felt that he would lose his freedom.  Before long, she was calling him every hour and checking up on him constantly.  She even went as far as starting a fight at a bar when a woman came on to him at a bar. Jocelyn was totally out of control and eventually Tony got fed up and moved out.

After moving out, whenever he "felt" her, she would allow herself to give in to him over and over again.  He would have his way and then disappear.  He did love her but she was just too controlling for him.  I won't give all the details of the story  but I encourage you to read it as it was really good...filled with twists and turns.

Where am I going with this post?  Are you a Jocelyn? Do you dominate your relationships, take the lead and smother your significant?  Do you listen to what your significant says? Tony kept telling her what he needed but she wouldn't listen.  Don't get me wrong, Tony had his issues and they became apparent, but those who read my posts know my passion and concern is for women.

God created woman to be a help mate.  God created man to lead....lead the relationship and family.  He wants the man to be accountable just as he made Adam accountable in the Garden. Men cannot assume their responsibility if we are taking over, leading, demanding, pushing the relationship.  When we do, oftentimes we wind up in pain.  Slow your roll!  Jocelyn could have avoided so much heartache if she had slowed down and listened to what Tony was telling her.  She sabotaged her happiness by taking control.  Don't be a Jocelyn.  Allow the Lord to lead you and when you are presented with a dating opportunity, allow the man to lead the way.  Take your time and listen.  Save yourself some heartache and pain.

Single Ladies: 1 or 2?

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  1. thank you.. by melly. This is very helpful to me. May the Lord bless you more

  2. Wow. This hits home! I will be buying the book! Thanks for sharing.