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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teaching Sunday School Lessons- Auditory Learners Activity

Auditory learners are your learners who grasp more by hearing than by visual or kinestheic methods.  (To review the traditional methods of learning, click here).

Some Auditory Learners cannot take notes, because it distracts them from hearing.  They are so in tune with words that they need to pay total attention to what the teacher is saying.  Often when they read silently, they move their lips.  They are mentally making the sound that helps their minds to respond.  Auditory Learners often learn very well in groups.  Our second activity in our series of teaching activities is for your auditory learners and is appropriate for older elementary kids and young teens.

(Older Elementary and Young Teens)

Students will give sports’ scores as answers to questions, encouraging their maturing thinking processes.  They must give reasons for their answers.

  •       If the effort you put into Bible study were your      bowling  score,  what would that score be?

  •        If Moses’ obedience to God were a hockey score, what would  it be?

  •       If the disciples’ service to Jesus were a basketball team, what player would be the high scorer?

Assigning a score to a object lesson, theory or story really helps the auditory learner hear the important truth that the lesson is giving.

Coming Soon,  Kinesthetic Learning Activity

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