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Monday, February 25, 2013

4 Steps to Flawless Skin

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Winter is wrapping up and soon we will be out and about in Spring and Summer weather. I can't wait!  While we shed our clothes, think about vacations, plan for outdoor activities, radiant skin as we go through the Spring and Summer is a must.  Here are 4 basic steps to flawless skin.  In addition, I am recommending products that I personally use by DHC Skincare.  I'm in my mid 50's, but I look much younger. (Take a look at my picture above.)  I take care of my skin cause it's the only skin I have.  There is nothing more gratifying than a complement about how young I look.  So to jump start your Spring/Summer skin regimen, here are my solutions:

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Step 1:  Remove Makeup. Don't you dare go to bed without removing any makeup, dirt and cosmetics residue.  Sleeping in make-up will damage and age your skin prematurely.  I recommend DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil.  It gently prepares your skin for cleansing by removing makeup and dirt.

Step 2:  Follow with a cleansing wash.  I love the Olive Soap from DHC.  It works to free any excess oil and dirt. There's something about olive oil that really makes your skin feel clean.

Step 3:  - Tone.  After cleansing, use a toner to prepare your skin to accept moisturizer.  I must admit that I sometimes miss this step.  Don't you miss it, though.! After using DHC's Mild Lotion, my skin feels squeaky clean.

Step 4 -Moisturize- Using a moisturizes hydrates, protect and revitalize your completion.  I use DHC's Virgin Olive Oil.  Olive oil is one of nature's greatest creations for your skin. 

Completing these 4 steps twice per day will give you that glowing, healthy-looking, younger-looking skin.
One more tip:    Drink lots of water daily to further enhance your complexion. 

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