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Friday, July 18, 2014

You Are An Original!

Who told you that you were naked?  Did you eat from the tree I commanded you not to eat?
Genesis 3:11

All through our lives we listen to others.  Sometimes their advice is good, but oftentimes we hear about what you don't have and what you won't be.  Then you start listening to your innerself tell you you are unlovable, you are too skinny, too fat, undesirable and you'll be alone the the rest of your life. 

Don't Let Other Dicate Your Life-Do You!
We know the enemy uses others to defeat us and attack our mind.  Before you know it, after listening to these lies, you take matters into your own hand, move ahead of God and grab what you THINK is good for you.  You wake up one day and realize that you've made a big mistake!

When God finally catches up to you, you tell him that you heard Him coming so you hide yourself because you didn't want Him to see you.   God will ask "who told you you were too fat, undesirable and unlovable?  I never told you that! Why did you believe it?"

God made you and He made you fearfully and wonderfully  You have to believe that instead of those lies. You are his creation, His Original! Don't listen to negativity!  Focus on God and what He has in store! Don't let the enemy tell you to eat the fruit of thoese lies.  Don't let him trick you into a life that is not designed by God.  Know who you are in Original creation!  Be You!  Do You!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

JewelScent Presented By Evans4home

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Double Your Blessings!

I Samuel 1

The story goes that Hannah was married to Elkanah.  Elkanah had another wife, Peninnah.  Peninnah could have children but Hannah could not.  Can you imagine the sorry Hannah felt by not being able to conceive? To make matters worse Peninnah would tease Hannah which rubbed salt into her wound.  It bothered her so, she became depressed and stopped eating.  The Bible said Elkanah still loved Hannah and gave her a double portion!

So let's personalize this.  You may be wondering where is your husband?  You may be depressed about it, obsessed about it.  That's Satan!  He is rubbing it in.  He prohibits you from focusing on God and worshipping Him and praising Him for what you already have.  Remember God loves you like Elkanah loves Hannah.  He gave her a special portion or double portion.  God will do the same for you!

Look at what you have as a have double the time because it's all yours to do what you want without considering someone else.  You have double the money because you don't have to split it with anyone. Double resources. Enjoy it! When Hannah got back on track, she turned her focus back to God.  She prayed day and not and you know what, God gave her a son!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Sample life, embrace life.  Appreciate life.  Turn back to God and pray! Let Him double your blessings!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tasting the Fruit of Life

When we come to know the Lord, we enter His Garden. This means we exit from the world and enter into Kingdom living. Kingdom living should give us pleasure. When we enter the Kingdom garden, we have an abundance of fruit ready to be picked.  What will you choose to eat?  Will you choose like Eve did--to gain knowledge that will destroy you or will you chose to eat to live life to the fullest. We know that is a life quote, but that is how to live a victorious Christian life- single or married.

Well.. what should we eat?  Are you putting life on hold while you wait for God to bless you with a mate?  Take this time to live...take a class, go on that trip, laugh, go for it. Don't depend on anyone to make you happy but yourself!  Don't live the boring life that consists only of going to work, going to church and going home.  Taste a different fruit..venture something you've never done before...make different choices, break up the routine..don't wait for anyone....Get a life!  Enjoy a new

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Use Your Gift to Help Others

One thing I have realized is that marriage does not guarantee you happiness.  If there are unresolved issues in your life prior to marriage, it behooves a person to get it resolved. Otherwise, it will become exposed in marriage. You can't expect marriage to be the cure for what's wrong with you emotionally. 

It is vitally important that one finds out what their spiritual gift is and use that gift to bless others.  Before Adam received a mate, God gave him a purpose- a job.  In Genesis 1:28 God gave man dominion over the earth.  His job was to take care of it, be fruitful and multiply.  It wasn't until after Adam was working his God-given assignment that God created a mate for him.

How are we any different?  God knows all about your needs.  If you are not busy working your assignment, why do you need a partner?   First we must fullfil our purpose-- to worship him and be fruitful in our lives.  How do we do that?  Use our spiritual gifts to bless others.

If you don't know what your gift is- then what is it that everyone celebrates about you--something you may take for granted.  This thing is inherit and inate in you. Whatever that is, use it to bless others.  You will prosper spiritually, emotionally and materially as well. 

Live your life with purpose and bless others!

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