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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Start Your Own Business

Do you have goals and dreams that aren't being fulfilled?  Would you like to spend more time with your family and still realize your dreams. .. take that that that wardrobe? Consider becoming  a JewelScent Consultant!  Build your own business and make the extra cash you need to fullfill your dreams.
JewelScent offers scented candles, aroma therapy beads, wax melts, soaps and body scrubs... all with a surprise inside...Jewelry!  Yes, I said jewelry-beautiful rings that value between $10-$7500.

This company is new to the scene (only 2 years old).  Becoming a consultant will help you become the first in your area to market this fabulous product.
We have a great sale on our kits....$79 or $149.  Not a lot of investment to earn great cash!

How To Reveal Your JewelScent Jewels!

Place an order:          
Phone:                   847-732-3529

Not interested in becoming a consultant but would love to earn free JewelScent product? Host an Jewelscent online party.  Contact me for details!

Hostess Online Party Rewards!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Celebrating my Birthday with Jewelscent Virtual Party

June 5 is my birthday and I will turn 58 years young!  Unbelievable!  What better way to celebrate than to host my very first Jewelscent Virtual Party.  This is a new release by the company and right in time for my birthday! The party starts June 5 and ends June 14.  Come and celebrate with me by shopping for new scents for you and your home.  Anyone interested in hosting a party, please contact me.  All hostess rewards are covered by JewelScent Corporate.  Awesome!

Here is the link to my Birthday Bash!
My virtual party link: J.Evans/social/329 

Happy Birthday to ME! 

Birthday Cake Ocassions Candle
2 rings inside

#evans4home  #sharethejewelscentlove

Friday, May 29, 2015

For Single Ladies Only: Don't Make Summer a Bummer!

Well it's heating up outside and with the summer comes picnics, cookouts, travels, and festivals.  I love the summer.  But when you're single and alone, summer can become a bummer if you have no one by your side.

If you are single, don't let summer depress you.  It's okay to go to the cookout with no date.  It's okay to travel solo or with girlfriends.  Remember, God created you whole.  Yes,  you were created from Adam's rib; but you don't share his ribs; God gave you your own ribs along with all other organs and limbs!  You are created whole.  Strive to live whole as you wait for the one God chose for you!

Here are some tips to help you cope with summer:

1.  Identify some projects you can work on. Do you need to lose weight..learn to cook a new dish?  Clean out that closet?  If you are like me, I don't have much energy in the winter time when it's dark when I leave work.  During summer, the days are longer and gives us the perception we have more time to work on things.  Use this to your advantage.

2.  Join a Singles group.  If your church has a Singles ministry, get involved.  Hopefully it will be well rounded enough to offer Bible Study, activities and community service.  This is a great way to serve God and have fun with others who are also single. There are also community Singles group you can join that offer excursions, dinners and activities.  Get out and enjoy the summer and focus on enjoying life without a mate.

3.  Do you!  If you don't know your purpose or calling or don't know what it is you are gifted to do, take some time this summer to find out and then do it.  Don't let your self worth be defined by who is in your life.  You have the power to make summer enjoyable.  Do that.  Don't make summer a bummer!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Lost Love Lust

Guest Author Hakeem (LekzBaba) Omolewa
The Lost Love Lust

“Anyone who touches your breast who is not your husband, is playing with your destiny” – A quote from the recent God’s Vineyard Ministries Convention. This comment kind of just jumped out at me, such power in it. In our generation, there is so much lust and sexual immorality, it seems as if nobody will achieve their destiny. I cannot lie, I was no saint before I became born again, but hopefully God has forgiven me, and whoever he has for me to be my wife will forgive my past too. But anywayyyyy… The key things this post will be looking at are Love and Lust.

Love and Lust can never compare. Let’s just start by putting that there. Lust takes, Love gives. But what exactly am I saying by this? When you lust after someone, you are not only attempting to take away their purity and holiness, but you are also attempting to take away your spiritual blessings. JOB  31:12 refers to lust as a fire that burns to destruction; it would have uprooted my harvest. So the same way lust would destroy the harvest, is the same way lust will destroy your life. Lust is not something that can be joked around with, it is a sin against your own body (1 Corinthians 6:18), a body that was made as a temple for God (1 Corinthians 6:13). 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 specifically lets you know that those who are sexually immoral will not inherit the kingdom of God, so you can see that I’m not joking when I write that lust will destroy your life, and the Pastor was not joking when he said “anyone who touches your breast who is not your husband is playing with your destiny”. (There is a lot of scripture from Corinthians because Corinth was notorious for its wealth and the luxurious, vicious and immoral acts of the people… Kind of like London these days).

Love gives. But what does it give?

1) Love gives you patience and strength (Genesis 29:20), Can you imagine waiting for so long for something, but because of the love you have, it feels like nothing… These days, if a girl is refusing to sleep with a guy, he may say I love you, and all of a sudden, she’s given up her purity. But what they don’t understand is that real love is not sex, real love waits. How can you claim you love someone, but then proceed to destroy their destiny.

2) Love gives you peace (Proverbs 10:12), hatred indeed covers dissension, whereas Love covers all wrongs. There is absolutely no way on this earth you can have peace in your heart while angry or upset with another person. There’s times where I’m annoyed with someone and I try and read the bible, but I don’t understand a thing, so I have to resolve it. If I feel like I dislike someone these days, I try and pray for them (Matthew 5:43-45), and truly I find much more peace in my heart because I have done a loving thing as opposed to maintaining hatred and resentment.

3) Love gives you a knowledge of God (1 John 4:8), God is love, so wherever you reject love in your life, God will not work there. This is very important. If you are just sleeping around, treating members of the opposite sex as objects, how then will you gain knowledge of what God has in store for you? This can also apply to a number of other areas in life too, wherever you want to see God’s work or gain knowledge of his plan, just treat that area with a little love.

Our Father, as Jesus died for us out of Love, we pray that you give us all Love for our brothers and sisters. We pray that we will not succumb to the temptations of the flesh which shall lead to sure destruction, but that we may turn away from worldly things and walk in love so that we can see and know your plan for our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.


(If you have any questions or just want to have a general discussion about the things said above, comment below. Alternatively, you can text me on 07415661863)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In Celebration of God's Love For Us

Sunday is what we call Resurrection Sunday.  Yes, to many of you it is Easter; but to many Christians it's much more.  It is the day we celebrate God's unconditional love for us by suffering, dying, and then rising triumphantly from the dead.  Why did he do it?  He didn't have to. He had all power - but He chose to.  He chose to die because He loves us! 

How will you celebrate and share the love of Christ this holiday?  Will it be the traditional new outfit, church, and dinner?  Or will there be a change?  Will you reflect on His love then share that love with others.  Will you show unconditional love to your family and friends...especially those who rub you the wrong way or who you have a grudge against.  Just as Christ  chose to give his life, you can choose to love others and become a better Christian.  I'll end with the words of one of my favorite Resurrection Gospel Songs:

The world had need of a Savior,
Man had gone as far as he could go.
He was at the end of his rope.
His sacrifices were useless.
The blood of calfs and sheep would work no more,
God loved us so He gave us new hope.
And that new hope was Jesus
He was to sacrifice his life.
To a world that rejected Him.
Cried for it, died for it, I don't know why.

I don't know why He did it but He did,
He didn't have to do it but He did
Yes he did!

Make a choice to love unconditionaly, not just for the holiday, but for life.  Help somebody. Share the gift of Christ Jesus.

Happy Resurrection Day!