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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

For Single Ladies Only: Reconnect to your Power Source

Some of the comments I’ve received from my readers has had me on the verge of tears.  I’ve had comments from those who have even contemplated suicide because they’re tired of waiting for a husband.  My usual response to them is “being single should not be a deal breaker for living”.  What is wrong with this picture?  Why is desperation taking hold of these women and making them feel as though their life isn’t worth living simply because they have no husband? My answer: a disconnection from God.   You are not connected to your Power Source.  Your Power Source will help sustain you through loneliness, depression, doubt…everything.  When you’re connected properly, the Power Source is a beacon of light.  Follow the Light to wholeness!


 Disconnection from your Power Source creates a lack of faith, no endurance, no patience.  You may be actively involved in your church-- on multiple ministries, but you may just be doing church work as opposed to doing the work of the church.  You’re going through the motions but your heart is far from God. You’re working in your own strength and power instead of working in the power of God. 


 Here are some of my tips to help you reconnect to your Power Source:

  • Take the focus off of you and your situation.  Jesus never focused on himself, he focused on others.  He said not as I will, but Thy will be done.  Can you say that?

  • Cultivate a reconnection to God.   Read your Bible, pray and cry out to God DAILY!  He may tell you you’re just not ready to get married . He may say there is another assignment for you and in order to fulfill it you must be single.  If you don’t reconnect and listen, you’ll never know what’s on His mind.   Caution:  Be sure it is God’s voice and not yours!

  • Work on you!  No one is perfect.  Let the Lord show you areas in your life that need fixing.  Marriage cannot fix brokenness.  Only God can fix it.  Let him make you more appealing and attractive by his powerful Hands.  Let him work on your physical and emotional issues.  Let him clean your house on the inside- unlock all doors.  Let each room be open to Him.  Your house was built for His dwelling.  Allow Him to reign over your house because the house belongs to God.


I believe that when we are truly connected to God, our faith increases, which makes waiting bearable.  A true connection with God will make it all right with you if He says you’ll never marry. 

Don’t let singleness destroy your life.  Live victoriously as a single! Keep the faith and know that God’s will is what is best for you---no matter what His will.


Pray this prayer:   Let Your will be my will.  Amen

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

From A Male's Heart: When Looking For A God-Sent Man

First, look at where you are shopping.  Don't let loneliness tell you that God sent him, because that's what you want to hear.  Everybody in the crowd is not from God.  Yes, your chances may be better at church, however everyone approaching you with a bright smile on Sunday may not be from God either.


Take your time--don't rush--gather all the info.  Keep in mind that mostly everyone has some baggage. Ask yourself if you can handle it.  Can you forgive the past and maybe even some present imperfections?


Stay in prayer and let God lead the relationship.


Rev. Clarence Evans

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Confessions of a Single Woman: Marriage Will Not Deliver You

Guest Author, Tamara Davis, blesses evans4life with more insight for the single woman!

Guest Author, Tamara Davis
To read more from Tamara, click here!


Confessions of a Single Woman: Marriage Will Not Deliver You

               Over the last few days, the Lord has really ministered to me about singleness and my life as a single woman of God. For quite some time, He’s been undoing a mindset I had about being single. I don’t know if I am the only who’s ever thought this way but I want to share with you something about me that may help you to understand, and perhaps be delivered from erroneous thinking when it comes to being single in the Lord.
For a very long time, I thought life without a mate was pointless.  Because of my upbringing, I received messages that the only great thing was a relationship and having a man in your life. I was a single parent and I used to believe that children were a chore, not a joy.  So there I was, three kids with no husband.  To me, life was just life and there was no excitement and joy to it because all I did was work and come home to take care of my kids. However, behind the scenes, I tried to fill my own void by being with different men with the hopes that one of them would eventually “see” me and rescue me from my mundane life of parenting and work.
I started going back to church but my mindset was still this:  I didn’t want to own a home without a husband, I didn’t want to travel without a husband, I didn’t want to “do” life without a husband. In other words, there was no “life” in single living. I only saw “joy” with a man. Now, no one ever said these words to me but these messages were indirectly sent to me by surroundings and upbringing. One day, the Lord challenged me and said, “Tamara, let me show you what I can do in your life without a husband.”  When He said that, I immediately knew He wasn’t trying to demean or put down marriage because He created marriage. What He wanted me to see was how beautiful my life could be in Him.  I surrendered to the challenge and friends, the Lord has not disappointed me!

Over the last 10 years, He has truly magnified Himself in my life. However, two years ago, I thought I was ready for a relationship. I thought I was headed for marriage only to discover that God was now going for the gusto. He wanted me DELIVERED!  He has blessed me indeed with some wonderful, material things and full, beautiful, peaceful life.  But underneath the hidden surface, there were thoughts and behaviors lying dormant and hiding in my spirit until He dropped a mind renewing, heart-shifting, spirit changing revelation on me yesterday—marriage will not deliver you! I’ll say it again—marriage will not deliver you! Some of you may already know that and are walking strongly in that revelation.  Praise God!  I, on the other hand, just GOT IT!  I didn’t want to accept my singleness, even though I seemed to be excelling in it. In my spirit, there was a battle going on because I was really waiting for “life to begin” with marriage. I was SO wrong!  So on yesterday, I officially gave up my quest to supersede God’s timing in my life. 

Ladies, if we don’t get this, we will keep settling for Buster.  I don’t need to tell you who Buster is because you already know.  We must make God our “more than enough” in every area and you can start by confessing that He is. I had to pray for the desire to have God be my more than enough because truthfully, I didn’t want to. The enemy had me deceived by making me think that making God my “more than enough” was boring. HOGWASH!!!  See, I didn’t want to get caught up in this “I’m doing me” foolishness. I am not my own and for my survival, He has to be my more than enough. Period! Friends, when we make Him our “more than enough” there won’t be any room for Buster. By making God your “more than enough” you give Him access to shape and shift your life in ways you never imagined.  Ask me how I know. J

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